11 years and counting…

This past weekend marked 11 years of marriage to my beautiful lady friend. We met at our church’s high school group. She likes to tell people I dated most of her friends. I say I was just saving the best for last. We both helped out in the office. She helped with office stuff and I was an intern for the HS worship. I was a worship leader…so how could she resist? One of the pastors at our church was being a whimp about asking a gal out…so…knowing I was already digging my future wife…I made a deal with Andy Na…You ask Shannon out and I’ll ask Pal out (Pal is what Andy used to call her). For the record…Andy married Shannon.

We had our first date April 3rd, 1998. Grease was one of her favorite movies and they did some special re-release in theaters so I took her to dinner and then we saw the movie. She had some second thoughts about me as I didn’t open her car door after dinner…then she realized I was…she was just at the wrong car. That was the beginning.

We got married at 18 and 19. Some thought we were out of our minds…or just stupid. As the wise Beyonce says, “If you like it then you better put a ring on it.” So, 11 years ago I did just that. At year 11 I can honestly say I love her more than on our wedding day. Now to the pictures…

Here’s a picture of us walking down the aisle..

And here are a few from this weekend in Palm Desert. Self timer style…

And here are a few of my beautiful wife. She said it was ok to post pictures of her but I had to post pictures of myself too. However, this is MY blog…and she is better looking than I am so I’ll spare you.

  1. James

    Leif, it looks like you may have used a split-tone process on some of these. I love the look. Keep up the good work!

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