Adams Family ~ Carlsbad Family Photography

Trespassing is ok if it’s for a photoshoot…at least that’s what I say. It was very minor trespassing. 🙂

Kurt & Cheyenne both work at our church. They are RAD peeps with an adorable daughter. I shot some pics of Georgia when she was little and when I had no idea what to do with a baby. Now she’s a super cute, super sweet 1 year old. Special shout out to Kurt’s beard. I’m very jealous of it. Now to the pix…

Kurt & Cheyenne are taking advantage of my referral program. If someone books a shoot because of a direct referral from you…you will get something free. Could be prints, could be money, could be a shoot…but who doesn’t like free stuff??? Just make sure when you tell someone about me…they know to specifically mention you. Easy peasy.

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