Autism Awareness & Mikeython 2011

If you listen to morning radio shows in San Diego, there’s a good chance you listen to the Mikey Show on FM 94.9. It’s one of the, if not THE, highest rated radio shows in San Diego. Mikey is constantly made fun of for his fictitious love for all things tropical and Tommy Bahama. I had the pleasure of shooting some family pictures for Mike & Rebecca a little while ago and so I pitched this idea that I wanted to do in hopes that we could auction off a print for charity. Mike was hesitant but I’m stoked he agreed to do it.

Aside from being a great radio personality, Mike is totally sold out for God & does all he can to use his voice on the radio to do good. One of the best things he and his crew does is known as Mikeython. Instead of the usual 4 hour broadcast, on October 6th they will go 28 straight hours on the radio…all for one purpose…to raise as much awareness and money for autism and Rady Children’s Hospital’s Autism Discovery Institute. Mike & Rebecca’s oldest son is autistic. He’s such a rad, sweet kid…and a lot of that is because of the help they received from Rady’s Autism Discovery Institute. Once a year they do Mikeython and it’s so awesome to see all these people donating money to this cause.

I’m stoked to have this first print as part of that auction. It’s the only print so we’re hoping some hardcore fans of the Mikey Show will bid on it. I’m also excited that they allowed me to auction off a portrait session…SO…if you’ve been wanting to get some family pictures, or senior pictures, or pictures of your kids…here’s a win win situation. You bid on the portrait session, you get sweet pictures and get the warm feeling knowing you just helped out a great cause!

Here are a couple of the shots from the shoot. I kinda wanted a slightly over processed look to them & really like how they turned out.

Here’s a link to the auction for the 16×20 portrait ==> Tommy Bahama Portrait
Here’s a link to the auction for the portrait session ==> Portrait Session
Here’s a video Rebecca did…

Please go here to see all the items up for auction or just to donate. Thanks!!!

Also, a very special thanks to Catherine who made these shirts for this shoot! Check out her facebook page!

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