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2015 Year in Review

I’m a little late on this…but here’s a snippet of 2015.  I’m so grateful to all the awesome clients I had the chance to work with over the past year.  These are in no particular order.       Temecula Wedding Photographer, boise Wedding Photographer, fallbrook Wedding Photographer, Eagle Wedding Photographer, Star Wedding Photographer, Nampa Wedding Photographer, Meridian Wedding Photographer, San Diego Wedding Photographer, Carlsbad Wedding… Read more »

My first roll of film

So…I’ve never really been tempted to shoot film.  I finally got curious and bought an old manual focus camera.  While it’s a pain in the butt to focus and the quality isn’t what my main cameras produce, there is something about film that all these photoshop presets just can’t nail.  It’s enough to make me… Read more »

Stella Turns One

So this past week our little Stella turned 1.  The first 9 months were a little rough, but the last 3 she’s really lived up to her middle name of Joy.

Merry Christmas!

Tis the season for celebrating Christ’s birth…but also for creating pictures that your kids will be embarrassed about later in life. Thanks to Papa (Harper & Stella’s great grandfather) for the giant pile of holiday stuffed animals. Thanks to Grandma for the ridiculous outfit that Stella is wearing.  Stella, someday you will see this and… Read more »

We had a baby! The sequel…

Yep…My wife had another baby. Stella Joy Brandt was born March 6th, 2013 at 9:09pm. I know childbirth is incredibly hard…but I’m pretty sure Erica had to try harder to keep her in until the epidural than she did trying to get her out. Since Harper had no interest in taking pictures with Stella…I did… Read more »

Harper…a few recent

If I could clone her, I would.  Hoping #2 is as sweet.  🙂 waking up is hard to do… Her favorite time of the day…anytime that involves eating…

Clearing things up…

Many have been asking.  We’ve been dodging the questions… We’ve had people think that was a chicken in the oven…a ham in the oven…so I’ll be clear…it’s a bun in the oven… In case you’re not getting it yet…it took 7 years before we were able to get pregnant with Harper.  It only took about… Read more »

Time flies…

A year ago was the best day of my life. This last year has been the best year of my life. This next year will likely be the best year of my life. At 1:36 a.m. a year ago Harper Grace arrived, just like her mommy and daddy, early. Here’s one from her first official… Read more »

Happy Harper Holidays

8 months in and we’re loving parenthood. I used to wonder why my parents dressed me in some of the things they did…now I know. Their parents dressed them in silly looking things and their only form of revenge is to do the same to their kids. My mom had my sisters and I all… Read more »

Super awesome & talented friends + baby shower

I’m starting to get a little nervous & stressed. We only have about 4 weeks left (unless she comes early)! To make things more stressful, we found a place to move to so we’ll try move and get settled in before our little girl comes. (fingers crossed she waits until after the move). Aside from… Read more »

11 years and counting…

This past weekend marked 11 years of marriage to my beautiful lady friend. We met at our church’s high school group. She likes to tell people I dated most of her friends. I say I was just saving the best for last. We both helped out in the office. She helped with office stuff and… Read more »