Chad & Carrie…Soon to be Parents ~ Rad, Anthropologie-ish Fallbrook Photography

You like my SEO friendly title? I get bored just with the usual titles…I usually try be creative. Not so much today. But Chad & Carrie ARE rad and Carrie, as are most women, LOVE Anthropologie so the title fits.

Anyways…as stated above Chad & Carrie are rad people. Extremely nice. Extremely sweet. Oh…and they are an extremely cute couple. As you can tell by the photos…she is either hiding a basketball or life as they know it is about to change in a crazy, amazing, awesome, no sleep kind of way. Their baby boy is due in just about a week and a half. Here are some pix we snapped for them last weekend to help celebrate the upcoming arrival of the heir to their inheritance.

I know I’ve done the name tag shot before…but I still LOVE it and just love how it looks hanging on the wall. I WILL take this same picture when our baby is about to make it’s debut…

Chad & Carrie…thank you for letting us capture this special moment in your lives…a day before your hair was gray from stress. haha. You guys will be wonderful parents. We’re looking forward to meeting your little boy!

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