Jenna – Encinitas, California

This is Jenna. She’s smart. Her dad told me she’s photogenic…and while most dads are biased…he’s correct.

Jenna is pretty rad. Within minutes of meeting her, you can tell how awesomely kind and warm she is. She recently (6 months ago) graduated from Cal State San Marcos and will be heading off to San Francisco State for her MA in English & Creative Writing. I had a great time getting to know her and it was awesome to hear how God has done some amazing changes in her life.

Facts I learned about Jenna:
She loves the beach
She loves just about anything in the ocean
She loves sharks…had we had a shark costume she would have rocked it for the shoot
She loves the Chargers but soon she’ll be living in Oakland & has opted to temporarily remove her Chargers sticker from her truck in the interest of not having her tires slashed
She loves to read & write
She wrote her first short story in 2nd grade. It was about a shark.
She’s photogenic
She’s rad

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