Jon + Lauren – Los Angeles Wedding Photographer – 440 Seaton Street

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This wedding was such an honor to photograph.  We know Jon & Lauren from the couple of years that we worked at The Church at Rocky Peak and we couldn’t be more excited for this day!  They wed at the amazing 440 Seaton, located in the heart of Los Angeles, and were surrounded by a whole bunch of people that have been influenced by the way they love and serve those around them.  Jon & Lauren are such amazing people on their own, it will be fun to see how God uses them through their marriage.

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and…because I was feeling a little artsy…

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Part of why it was such an honor to photograph this wedding is that there is soooooo much talent surrounding them.  They had incredibly gifted musicians performing, so many talented people helping with the decor, and I know they know a bunch of photographers.  Congratulations!  We love you both so much!  Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your day!


Venue – 440 Seaton

Florist –

Cake – Sweets are My Forte

DJ – Cory Live

Photography – Leif Brandt Photography

Videography – Mikie (friend of couple)

Music – Friends of the couple

  1. Kacee Forte

    Cake- Sweets are my Forte 🙂

    You are soooo talented! These photos are gorgeous!

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