Kevin & Kaitlyn – Mission San Luis Rey – Oceanside, CA


This is part 1. Kevin & Kaitlyn had a small ceremony for close family at the Mission San Luis Rey with a big wedding the next day. Check back in a few days for that blog post.

K&K_SLR_Mission_001 K&K_SLR_Mission_002 K&K_SLR_Mission_003 K&K_SLR_Mission_004 K&K_SLR_Mission_005 K&K_SLR_Mission_006 K&K_SLR_Mission_007 K&K_SLR_Mission_008 K&K_SLR_Mission_009 K&K_SLR_Mission_010 K&K_SLR_Mission_011 K&K_SLR_Mission_012 K&K_SLR_Mission_013 K&K_SLR_Mission_014 K&K_SLR_Mission_015 K&K_SLR_Mission_016 K&K_SLR_Mission_017 K&K_SLR_Mission_018 K&K_SLR_Mission_019 K&K_SLR_Mission_020
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