Mini Sessions for Mya

I don’t usually do mini session…but I’m gonna try it this year.  This first picture is my cousin’s daughter Mya.  It’s a couple of years old but I didn’t have any recent ones.  Some may remember a little over a year ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Surgery and treatments followed and we were elated to hear that she had beaten her cancer.  This week, just a few weeks before her 3rd birthday, we’ve learned that her cancer is back and she will be in surgery this week followed by more chemo.  This news has been devastating and if you’re the praying type, please lift Mya and her family up during this time.

We don’t have a lot of details yet as it’s still too new, but I know that even with health insurance, it’s stupid expensive.  Add to that gas and food for all the times they have to take Mya to the hospital (which is about an hour away) and expenses add up fast.


So.  I’m not wealthy.  But…I’m decent with this camera thingy.  You, while maybe not wealthy, want some sweet pictures this year.  Maybe we can work together.  Details below…

blog mini 016



Here are the details.  Some things aren’t set in stone, but here it is.

WHEN:  Sunday November 24th

WHERE: Somewhere in the Fallbrook area…most likely a rural feel.

WHO:  This can be single families up to 5 people, couples, high school seniors, dogs…heck…pretty much whatever that is appropriate.

COST:  Payment must be made in the form of a VISA gift card for a minimum of $200 and a card of encouragement for Mya and her family.  You can most certainly give more.  It’s all going straight to their family to use as they need.  Full sessions are usually $400 so this is a good deal for everyone!

DETAILS:  Each session will be up to 30 minutes.  EMAIL me from the CONTACT form on this website if you’d like to sign up for a slot.  Please note your top 2 time slots.  After your session, you will receive a download link with the edited pictures (probably anywhere between 5-15) and then you will be able print or make holiday cards, etc.  You will have your edited photos with printing rights!  Here are the time slots available at this time…

2:00 – Filled

2:30 – Pending

3:00 – Filled

3:30 – Filled

4:00 – Filled


Thanks in advance to anyone who is interested in helping out on this!  Since posts are better with pictures…here are some to motivate you to email me…

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  1. Kathleen and mike turner

    We would love to help out and doña mini session. Is 3:30 still open?

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