Minis for Mya

Thanks to all the awesome families that filled the slots set aside to help raise some money for my cousin’s daughter Mya!  Mya just turned 3 and is fighting brain cancer.  When these mini sessions were announced these wonderful families jumped at the chance to help out and we are so grateful!  Here are a few from the day.  To read more about Mya’s story, click here.  For those that pray, it’d be great if you could continue to lift her and her family up during this tough time.

Minis4Mya_blog_001 Minis4Mya_blog_002 Minis4Mya_blog_003 Minis4Mya_blog_004 Minis4Mya_blog_005 Minis4Mya_blog_006 Minis4Mya_blog_007 Minis4Mya_blog_008 Minis4Mya_blog_009 Minis4Mya_blog_010 Minis4Mya_blog_011 Minis4Mya_blog_012 Minis4Mya_blog_013 Minis4Mya_blog_014 Minis4Mya_blog_015 Minis4Mya_blog_016 Minis4Mya_blog_017 Minis4Mya_blog_018 Minis4Mya_blog_019 Minis4Mya_blog_020 Minis4Mya_blog_021 Minis4Mya_blog_022 Minis4Mya_blog_023 Minis4Mya_blog_024
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