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California Mini-Sessions

While I was in California shooting a wedding, I shot some families too.  It’s always fun seeing families I’ve photographed for years and to see how their families have grown!

McGillicuddy Family

First shoot of 2016.  What an honor it is to photograph this adorable family!  I first met them when they were just tiny high school students.  Now they are all grown up, married, successful, and produced an extremely cute kid.  Well done!

Mini Sessions for Mya

I don’t usually do mini session…but I’m gonna try it this year.  This first picture is my cousin’s daughter Mya.  It’s a couple of years old but I didn’t have any recent ones.  Some may remember a little over a year ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Surgery and treatments followed and we were… Read more »

Clearing things up…

Many have been asking.  We’ve been dodging the questions… We’ve had people think that was a chicken in the oven…a ham in the oven…so I’ll be clear…it’s a bun in the oven… In case you’re not getting it yet…it took 7 years before we were able to get pregnant with Harper.  It only took about… Read more »

San Diego Singer / Songwritter: Matt Commerce

So Friday morning I got to hang for a few hours with local musician, Matt Commerce. You may have heard him a little while back on The Mikey Show. I love music. I once thought I might pursue music as a career. I always thought it would be fun to work with musicians…I just never… Read more »