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Greg + Tessa – San Diego Engagement Photographer

A cute couple frolicking in the wilderness followed around by a guy with a camera could either be creepy or normal.  This time it was normal.  I had such a great time hanging out with Greg & Tessa this past weekend and can’t wait for their fall wedding at Estancia in La Jolla!   Makeup… Read more »

Conor: Poway Senior Portrait Photographer

Like most high school guys…Conor didn’t really care about his senior pictures. Thankfully, mom has power. We met up in Pacific Beach. Lighting was less than ideal but I trumped it with my flash skills. Congrats to Conor, Poway Class of 2011! I actually shot Conor’s sisters wedding back in November. Such a rad family!

Life is changing…

So life is a little different today than it was last week. Last week we were living in Fallbrook. Now we’re in Carlsbad. Last week we had satellite internet that was super slow. Today I have super fast internet via ATT. Last week our baby was nameless and still inside Erica. While I knew we… Read more »

Super awesome & talented friends + baby shower

I’m starting to get a little nervous & stressed. We only have about 4 weeks left (unless she comes early)! To make things more stressful, we found a place to move to so we’ll try move and get settled in before our little girl comes. (fingers crossed she waits until after the move). Aside from… Read more »

Military MakeOver

Our military families sacrifice so much. I have so much respect for those that serve and and risk their lives to protect our country. I can’t imagine going through what they do! So it’s only fitting that the two winners from the makeover contest Lotus Den Hair Studio put on were two military wives. They… Read more »

Stefanie & Tyler: Engaged!!!

We met Stefanie a few years ago when we were working up at The Church at Rocky Peak. She was a normal high school student that also served up some awesome burritos at Qdoba. Little did we know, at age 16 she was already way smarter than we were. She graduated early and is on… Read more »

Kelsey ~ San Diego Senior Portrait Photographer

This is Kelsey. I met Kelsey through church while I was doing worship for the high school ministry. Here’s a little bit about Kelsey… Kelsey rocks out on the piano Kelsey drives a truck that is probably bigger and cooler than yours Kelsey says “poop” a lot. Not sure why Kelsey knows how to rock… Read more »

Way behind…Lotus Den Hair Studio

So I’ve fallen behind in blogging. My bad. It’s nothing personal. To make up for it I will cram a condensed version of many blog posts into one… Here’s a couple of pix I took of our friends over at the Lotus Den Hair Studio in Oceanside. If you ever look in the mirror and… Read more »

Ode to my doggie…

I LOVE dogs. I REALLY love our dog Roxy. I love how regardless of circumstances, as soon as she heard us come home she was as excited as can be. So this week was a sad week. Our dog Roxy went from fine to gone in just a few days. We thought she had a… Read more »

Fashion is Danger

If you are Flight of the Conchord fans maybe you can relate. Now every time I hear the word “Fashion” I think of this… So last week we had the privilege of working with some awesome peeps. Bethany, Nancy, and Leya from Lotus Den Hair Studio, Melissa Rae of Melissa Rae & Co, and the… Read more »

Krista ~ Orange Glen 2011 ~ Escondido Senior Portraits

Last Sunday we got the opportunity to shoot some senior portraits for Krista. Krista is a senior at Orange Glen. Krista freakin’ rocks in front of the camera. We had a blast shooting her…even though it was a little dangerous. First I totally tripped over a log while backing up and shooting. Then Krista, I’m… Read more »

The family with a cool last name…

A couple of weeks ago we shot the Hawkes family. My last name isn’t really that cool. Hawkes…now that is much cooler. So we have been trying to get this shoot done for months…but with all the different schedules we just finally got around to it. Years ago they had done family pictures where they… Read more »

11 years and counting…

This past weekend marked 11 years of marriage to my beautiful lady friend. We met at our church’s high school group. She likes to tell people I dated most of her friends. I say I was just saving the best for last. We both helped out in the office. She helped with office stuff and… Read more »